Braised Beef and Vegetables


– 2/3 lb boneless beef flank
– 1/4 x Japanese radish (daikon)
– 3/4 x carrot
– 1/8 oz ginger
– Cooking oil as needed
– 3 tbs sugar
– 2 cup chicken stock
– 2 cup water
– 2 tsp soy sauce (shoyu)
– 1 tsp oyster sauce
– 2 tbs Japanese rice wine (sake)
– 1 tbs vinegar


– Cut beef into 1-inch cubes. Put into pot, add enough water to cover and boil. Remove, rinse and wipe dry. Heat generous quantity of cooking oil in pan at about 325 degrees. Deep-fry a few pieces of beef at a time for 2 to 3 minutes until brown, or stir-fry beef. Drain on paper towels.
– Pare and cut Japanese radish and carrot into bite-size pieces. Pare and cut ginger into matchstick-size pieces.
– Heat cooking oil thoroughly in frying pan, add sugar and melt over low heat. Add beef and mix well. Add stock, water, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sake and vinegar.
– Add radish, carrot and ginger and continue cooking for about 60 to 80 minutes, until soft.

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